Alfabia, which in Arabic means “Reserve”, is a peaceful oasis at the foothills of the Langhe; gentle and rolling hills, located in the south of the Piemonte (Italy), a region full of traditions, a cradle of cultures, where the medieval architecture and culture mixes with the simple habits of country people.It’s in his seventeen century home, where Paolo Damilano started, in the beginning of the 80’s, to cultivate his passion for the Arabian breed.

Some years later and through the advice of his friend, the photographer Gigi Grasso, great changes took place in Alfabia Arabians.

The best horses available were purchased from all over the world and, today, they form Alfabia’s present breeding program.

The program is based on straight Egyptians. Paolo’s aim is to produce the finest quality of Arabians, giving special attention to: type, balance, charisma, and performance; the pedigree is also an important factor in the selection of his foundation mares.

Paolo’s love for beautiful Arabian horses led him to a number of “horse trips”, searching for the best quality Arabians.

Paolo Damilano did not choose the name Alfabia Arabians by chance, but because he wants to create a “reservoir” of the most wonderful Arabians in Europe.

Alfabia Stud welcomes you!

Our stud is nestled in the gently rolling foothills of the Langhe region of Northen Italy near the sea, where strong traditions abide and magnificent medieval architecture adorns the countryside.

We have a select group of beautiful mares, fillies and four exciting young stallions just beginning their breeding careers. Alfabia stud is also proud to present Ansata Halim Bay, one of the last own sons of Ansata Ibn Halima.
The future is bright for the Arabians of Alfabia.

A view of the Stallion barn at Zichy Thyssen Arabians

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Paolo Damilano with the vet Gennaro

... and the manager of Zichy Thyssen farm Willy Oppen
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Paolo Damilano with ZT Magnanimus

... in a visit to Zichy Thyssen Arabians in Argentina, the last home of the legendary El Shaklan
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... attending the 2012 International Arabian Horse Championship held under Amir sponsorship. Kuwait february 2012
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Serene Ciaidii with Shirley and Charlie Watts

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Charlie and Shirley Watts with: Marco Sordelli ,Gigi Grasso,Giulia Damilano Antonio Dorazio and Patrizio Lemos.

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Congratulations to Lady Gina Pelham - HARAS LA CATALINA - Argentina, new owner of ALFABIA SHEIB

Alfabia Sheib (Wh Justice X Prishta Sf)
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Congratulations to Osman Linjawi - LINJAWI ARABIANS - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, new owner of ALFABIA YAMAMA

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Congratulations to Osman Linjawi - LINJAWI ARABIANS - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, new owner of ALFABIA FARAG

Alfabia Farag (Ajmal Maghreb X Taghira B)
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BREEDING SEASON 2011 The stallions which are available for the breeding season 2011 are:

Ajmal Maghreb (Ansata Hejazi x Ajmal Maghrebeia)
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We are very pleased to welcome you on the new website of Alfabia Stud!
We will keep you up-dated with what is happening at our stud – new born foals, horses in leasing, stallions available for breeding, visitors etc ...

Straight Egyptian

Dahman Shahwan
Hadban Enzahi


Straight Egyptian


Straight Egyptian


Straight Egyptian

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Cherasco can be found in the South of Piedmont, near Turin.


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